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Volunteer Handbook


Welcome to Eastvale Elementary!

Welcome and thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time and energy working with our students and staff at Eastvale Elementary School. We know you will enjoy your volunteer experience. Each year, many volunteers tell us they receive so much more in return than they give to our program. By sharing your time with our students and staff, you will:

  • Be given the opportunity to use your skills and talents
  • Gain a better understanding of how children learn
  • Have a chance to meet and work with teachers and other volunteers
  • Know that the work you are doing effects the quality of education for the children of our community
  • Have a great chance to learn valuable new skills that you might use in future


As a volunteer, you not only serve the needs of the children, you also provide a vital link between the school and the community. Students, their parents and the community will view you as a representative of the school. You will be able to share the many positive things that students and staff are doing. We also want to make certain that you are aware of our school and district volunteer policies and other information, which is included in this handbook

Every volunteer who wants to work at Eastvale Elementary must follow our district policy by doing the following:

  1. A volunteer shall submit a completed volunteer application to the school.
  2. School site staff shall review the application to ensure it has been completed in its entirety.
  3. School site staff shall verify that the applicant will be assigned less than four hours per week (on average). Any volunteers who will be working more more than four hours per week (on average over a four-week period), must work with our office staff to get their fingerprints taken. This applies to all parents who chaperone on a field trip.
  4. Site staff shall verify that the applicant is not listed on the State of California Megan's Law website site.
  5. Site staff may then notify the applicant that they have been approved to work as a


Each volunteer MUST sign in and out in the school office. You will be asked to show your identification and our clerk will scan it through the RAPTOR program, which instantly checks the name against registered sex offender lists nationwide. Once the visitor has been cleared through Raptor the system will print a visitor badge with your name, picture and destination. It is important to note that the Raptor system only scans the visitor's name, date of birth and photo for comparison with the national database of registered sex offenders. Any additional information is not gathered nor stored.


School volunteers always work under the direct supervision of the professional staff and only with those teachers who have requested the services of a volunteer.


Like teachers, volunteers are bound by a code of ethics to keep confidential matters within the school. The staff and students need to know they can trust you. Please do not discuss a child's school progress or difficulties with his/her parents. This is the teacher's responsibility.

Students rarely have behavior problems while working with volunteers. However, Eastvale Elementary has detailed discipline plans, and the responsibility for discipline rests with the professional staff. Volunteers may not discipline students. Please make the teacher aware of any discipline problem that might arise while you are working with a student.

Playground/Lunch Tables
Only adults employed by CNUSD may be on the playground with students. Parents that are assisting teachers for special activities (ex. Field Day) must be cleared by our office staff and wear a visible visitor's badge. Watch Dog Dads must wear their Watch Dog shirts to be allowed on the playground and are assigned that day.

Staff restrooms are available for volunteers. You may not not use student restrooms. You will need a key (from the teacher you are working with) to use the staff restroom nearest the classroom you are assisting in.

School phones are for school business. The use of your personal cell phones is prohibited in classrooms.  You may not take pictures or video record on campus without prior permission.

Take your lead from the professional staff and dress appropriately for the job you are doing. Casual clothing is fine, but we ask that your attire be neat and conservative. You should not attract any undue attention. Keep in mind that you are setting an example for our students. Your speech and behavior should serve as good models for them to follow.

Please be prompt and consistent! We know there will be times when you may be ill, on vacation, or unable to volunteer for one reason or another. However, please let the staff know, as far in advance as possible.  Remember, the teacher will be expecting you on the days you are scheduled to volunteer, and so will the children! If you fail to show up at your appointed time on your appointed day, everyone is disappointed. Please call or email the teacher or office to let the teacher know in advance if you are unable to volunteer.

Become familiar with the rules and policies of our school. Our PAWS matrix is posted in every classroom as well as the noise level charts.

Please follow the directions of staff supervisors in the event of a fire drill or a school lockdown drill. During a lock down drill we would appreciate you not using your cell phone during this time. Please help to keep our students calm and safe.

Volunteers are an important part of the educational team. The suggestions and opinions of volunteers are always welcome. It is the professional staff, however, that is held responsible by law for the decisions that are made regarding the instruction of students and the management of the school. For this reason, volunteers always work under the direct supervision of teachers and administrators.

Is there anything volunteers should not do?
Yes. The professional staff at your school is responsible for everything that goes on in their classrooms including student instruction, safety, and discipline. Volunteers supplement and support the program, but may NOT:

  • Walk through the staff lounge. Please walk around the admin building and enter the double doors. The workroom is on the left around the counter.
  • Provide the curriculum or teaching plan
  • Discipline students
  • Take charge of the classroom for any length of time
  • Have access to materials in students' permanent record files (psychological records, grade cards, health histories, etc.)
  • Diagnose student needs
  • Evaluate achievement
  • Counsel students
  • Discuss student progress with parents
  • Use their volunteer status to encourage students to associate with them outside the school environment
  • Give students food


  1. Call students by name at each opportunity.

A child's name is very important. Make every effort to pronounce and spell each child's name correctly.

  1. Closely observe the techniques used by the teacher.

Try to model these instructional methods when working with students.

  1. Accept children as they are.

Each child is unique. Some children may be very different from your own child(ren). Be ready to accept these differences in background, values, language, and aspirations.

  1. Be firm with students, but also be warm and friendly.

Let each child know that you care about him/her.

  1. Encourage and praise students.

Use positive comments that will make children feel good about themselves even when they are having difficulties. Avoid saying anything that will make students feel bad about themselves or their ability to learn. Be ready to praise children for even the smallest successes!

  1. Encourage students to do their own thinking.

Try not to give students the answers before they have had an opportunity to solve questions on their own. Give children plenty of time to answer your questions. Silence often means that a child is thinking. Beware of the occasional students who may try to get you to do their work for them.

  1. Follow the teacher's lead.

Always be consistent with the teacher's rules for classroom behavior. Do not allow children to do things their teacher does not allow. Remember, the teacher is always available and ready to handle discipline problems. Make sure the children with whom you are working do not disturb the rest of the class.

  1. Reinforce positive behavior.

When children (especially younger students) are displaying appropriate behavior, always let them know how proud you are of them and how much you appreciate their effort. This will encourage them to try even harder. If possible, do not pay attention to a child who shows minor misbehavior problems, but do note things the child is doing well and praise him/her for it.

  1. Remember it is okay if you do not know all the answers.

Admit to the children that you do not know the answer or are not sure what to do. Work the answers out together with the students or feel free to ask the teacher for assistance.

  1. Keep students on task.

You will want the children to learn as much as possible during the short time they spend with you. Keep the lesson or activity moving. Try to avoid letting one or more students get you or the group off track for long periods of time by discussing topics that have nothing to do with the lesson.

  1. Supervise students carefully.

Under no circumstances should you leave a student or small group of students without supervision. Always be fully aware of what students are doing at all times.

  1. Using Staff Work Room

No one under the age of 16 can be in our staff workroom. No children are allowed in the workroom. Please ask for assistance when using the paper cutter and copying machines. Although we appreciate your willingness to troubleshoot, please come to the office staff for assistance when the copier is not working properly!

Thank you for volunteering at Eastvale Elementary. Our staff and students appreciate your time and contributions to our school community!

Please sign the following Signature Page indicating that you have read this Handbook. Turn it into the school office. Thank you!

Eastvale Elementary Volunteer Signature Page

I, ____________________________, have read the Eastvale Elementary Volunteer Handbook. I fully understand and agree to abide by the guidelines set forth in the Handbook.


Name of Volunteer (Print)                                      Signature

Name of Student/ Grade/ Track



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