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For Parents


The following attendance guidelines during Remote Learning have been established as a result of the requirements listed in SB 98,


  • Documentation of daily participation for each pupil in each school day in whole or in part for which distance learning is provided.
  • Daily participation may include evidence of participation in online activities, completion of regular assignments, completion of assessments and contacts between employees and pupils or parents or guardians
  • A pupil who does not participate in distance learning on a school day shall be documented as absent for that school day
  • A weekly engagement record completed for each pupil documenting synchronous or asynchronous instruction for each whole or partial day of distance learning, verifying daily participation and tracking assignments

Elementary Sites
Attendance in school during Remote Learning will be determined through the following processes:

  • Acceptable participation in direct instructional activities
  • Evidence of daily interaction in student work through submission to the teacher in the form of
    • 70% or more of assigned work or 5 assignments per week in ELA and
    • 70% or more of assigned work or 5 assignments per week in Math and
    • 1 assignment/project per week in Social Studies or Science
    • Completion of assessments as determined by the teacher
    • A pupil who does not participate daily shall be deemed absent
Administration will contact parents whose students are not participating and/or turning in 70% of their classwork during Remote Learning.
Attendance letters and SART contracts will be done during Remote Learning. So please watch your students work completion and participation.


Students will be graded on work completed during Remote Learning.
Teachers will grade assignments as they regularly would and post them every two weeks in Parent Connect.  Please see your teacher's syllabus for grading scales, when assignments are due, and how to communicate your questions and concerns with them. 

Student Behavior

Teachers will monitor for any inappropriate online behavior by a student or other participant.  This includes anyone who may be talking or walking around the area using inappropriate language, gestures, walking around in inappropriate clothing, etc. Teachers will report inappropriate actions by students or other participants to administration. School discipline procedures do apply when using district devices, and when communicating with teachers and students via email, google classroom, or Zoom/Google Meets. If concerns are reported by a teacher, an Administrator will contact parents.

District Assessments

District assessments will not occur until students return to campus, with the exception of the i-Ready diagnostic. Students who participate in the diagnostic, need to do this on their own without assistance. i-Ready is NOT graded. It is used as an intervention, so individual lessons are tailored to students needs. If a student receives assistance, their lessons will be too difficult, which defeats the purpose of the program. 



  1. Make sure your current email and phone number are correct in the Parent Connect Portal.
  2. Check your email daily. Information will come to you from the District, School, and Teacher on a regular basis.
  3. Your assigned teacher will invite you to their Google Classroom. You need to accept this invitation!
  4. Your assigned teacher will invite you to other forms of communication (i.e. Remind, Class Dojo, Email, Zoom, and Google Meets). Be sure to accept these! These will be your main forms of communication during Remote Learning.
  5. Help your student log into and access their Google Classroom, Google Meets or Zoom Meetings, myCNUSD and other apps their teacher requires.
  6. Help your student follow teacher’s online Google Meets and Zoom rules. Examples: Dressed in school clothes, No eating, Sit at a table (not in/on bed), Have materials ready when meeting starts, Be on time, etc.).
  7. Clarify your teacher’s expectations for assignment, turning in work and grading.
  8. Have your child attempt their work independently PRIOR to assisting them. It is okay for them to struggle a little.
  9. Communicate with your teacher regarding difficulties with Google Classroom, assignments, hours, etc.
  10. Contact your teacher with alternate options when you know your student cannot attend an online meeting.
  11. Check the Parent Connect Portal regularly for missing assignments. This will you help gauge student success.


  1. Teachers will build rapport and connections with their students.
  2. Teachers will plan and provide virtual standards-based and content appropriate instruction, utilizing Google Classroom.
  3. Teachers will establish and announce office hours or times they are available for questions/concerns, and respond to parents and students in a timely manner (within 24 hours M-F).
  4. Teachers will provide students the opportunity to participate in academic activities daily.
  5. Teachers will support their diverse learners.
  6. Teachers will develop and post a syllabus with information on accessing virtual curriculum, teacher contact information, and grading policy.
  7. Teachers will regularly monitor work completion and participation to provide feedback to students.


If you have questions or concerns email: 

Michele Derus, Principal  

Dr. Heather Griffiths, Assistant Principal:






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