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Attendance Policies & Procedures

                               Attendance Matters

                **District & School Site Attendance Procedures**

 Attendance Letters from our office are sent by mail & e-mail:

  • 1st Letter:    Courtesy Notice at 7 Events
  • 2nd Letter: Warning Notice at 10 Events
  • 3rd Letter:  SART Notice and meeting at 10 absences or 14 Events 
  • 4th Letter:  Courtesy Notice letting you know your student is At Risk of being referred to                                 SARB (School Attendance Refer Board).
  • 5th Letter: SARB Referral when attendance has not improved or student is at 14 absences                             or attendance has not improved.
  • 1 Event =  1 Absence (excused, unexcused, truancy) or Tardy

Truancy Letters From The District Office:

  • 1st Letter:  Courtesy Letter at 3 events of a verified/unverified truancy
  • 2nd Letter: SART Notice at 6 events of a combination of 5 verified/unverified truancies and a 30-minute tardy.  SART meetings will be scheduled and held here at Eastvale Elementary.

Calling in Absences

  • It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to call the office to clear a student’s absence every time the student is out.  Absences that are not cleared will result in a truancy letter.  Letting a teacher know is NOT sufficient.
  • When a student is going to miss more than 5 days, come to the office to inquire about getting an independent study.
  • If your student is returning to school with an injury (broken arm, leg, sprain) you will need to provide a doctor’s notice to the front office with restrictions and guidelines from the doctor. Students without a doctor’s release and restrictions will not be admitted on campus.
  • If your student is out sick for five or more days, you must provide a doctor’s note.


Excused Absences: (Code 1 & 2)

  • Illness or Injury                                     Jury Duty                                                               Quarantine
  • Court                                                      Religious Holiday
  • Medical, Dental, Optometric, Psychological, Chiropractic Appointments
  • Funeral of immediate Family Member (1 day in state, 3 days out of state)
  • Funeral other than immediate family member
  • Personal reasons requested by parent or guardian.  The request MUST BE approved by the principal or assistant principal prior to the absence.


Verified truancy: (Code X)

Student is absent from school and parent has verified (let the school know) the student will not be in school on the day(s) in question. Examples: going to Disneyland, going on an extended weekend, parent visitation, birthday, family in town visiting, etc.

Unverified truancy: (Code 3):Student is absent from school without a phone call or note.  (Unverified)


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